I partner with exciting companies to research, initiate, and execute on growth possibilities.

  • I partner with corporate investors or VCs to scout and research potential investments. When possible, I put my money where my mouth is and co-invest in these cases.
  • I advise or consult on strategy and implementation, typically in the crosshairs of business strategy, growth and operational efficiency.
  • I work as an interim executive or business dev, typically for companies with a technical/creative founder team.
  • I help institutions and organizations learn the methods of building and growing a business. This includes a role as a lecturer at Kristiania University.

My speciality.

I believe the most difficult challenge for any company is to continually achieve a direct correlation between their business goals and the work done on a day to day basis. For most early-stage companies, failing on this is what brings slow death. In addition to creating data-driven go-to-market or business strategies, I specialize in creating 'business operating systems' that builds momentum and provides focus.

The typical project.

I usually start a project by getting a deep understanding of the team and business-to-market relationship. Based on experiments and insights, we first ensure a repeatable and scale-ready business model, then structure a system to ensure the company builds an operational "engine" to increase speed going forward.

If you want to inquire about a potential project, reach out at espen@outlineventures.com.